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    Welcome to Tropical Knights Fencing Club! 

We welcome all ages of fencers, young & old!  We've had happy students from ages 8 to 58.  Often family members will join and share the fun!

Fencing is a martial art, but basically "non-contact", as the only contact is made with the weapon (sword).  Protective clothing, including safety jacket, metal mask, and glove, are worn at all times while participating.   For parents considering a sport for their children, this makes fencing a preferred activity.

Fencing is as much a physical sport as it is a mental activity.  Fencers must analyze their opponents moves, strengths, and weaknesses in determining how to use their skills to attack and defend successfully.  As such, fencing exercises the body as well as the mind!  

We welcome you to contact us if you have any questions, and to stop by and check out the activities yourself. 

Thanks.....and we hope to see you "on the strip"!