Please Read Carefully and Fully

Safety Policies

Safety of all club participants and guests has always been the top priority each and every time we get together.  From establishing the "points down" rule at the outset to ensuring that everyone maintains a safe distance from active fencers, the environment at Tropical Knights Fencing is fun but that does not mean that we forgo safety. 


The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has necessitated some new requirements to ensure that all guests, fencers, friends, and family are as kept as safe and as healthy as possible. 


First and foremost: If you are not feeling well, if you have recently traveled outside of the United States, if you have recently encountered anyone suspected of being infected with the COVID-19 coronavirus or any similar or other type of infectious disease, please do NOT attend fencing.  You will be putting the health and safety of others at risk.


Second: All active club members will be required to provide their own fencing equipment, consisting of a proper mask, glove, jacket, under protector (vest or plastic shield), and weapon.  The club will not be able to loan equipment due to the inability to adequately safely sanitize equipment.  Please go to the Links & Resources page for a list of fencing equipment suppliers.

Third:  TKF will provide to all club members one dual-layer cotton mask insert.  Each member will be required to bring this insert to fencing and will not be able to fence without it.  The insert is designed to attach to the inside of the fencing mask and thus enable the intake of oxygen while restricting external respiration.  Please see the pictures below for reference. 


The necessity of these requirements are in response to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic and are designed to keep everyone safe after the club is allowed to reopen.  Thank you for your cooperation.